Difference between fitness aerobics and sports aerobics.

The modern world is teeming with dangers of all kinds. The water is polluted, the food is genetically modified, and the air contains a suspension of exhaust gases instead of oxygen. However, experts say that not everything is so sad. There is a surefire way to keep yourself healthy, and that way is movement. At the same time, there are a great many variations on this theme. This includes dancing, skiing, running, and aerobics. For some reason, aerobics is very popular now - still, while attending classes, you can find new friends, listen to pleasant music. You just need to decide what kind of aerobics: sports or fitness aerobics is right for you, because they differ significantly from each other.

Any aerobics is a set of exercises with music, in which the emphasis is on rhythm and movement. Fitness aerobics is recognized as a difficult sport, which, however, is aesthetically beautiful. This is a mixture of sports and health-improving aerobics, it appeared relatively recently. Another name for fitness aerobics is sports and fitness aerobics. The abbreviated name is fitness. Sports aerobics, on the other hand, is distinguished by a more complex coordination of movements; it has absorbed more artistic gymnastics than fitness aerobics.

Sports aerobics differs from fitness aerobics in a set of exercises and elements - for example, push-ups are present only in the first. The very names of both types of aerobics speak for themselves - sport is something more professional and complex than fitness, because fitness is a good state of physical fitness of a person, tone.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Sports aerobics appeared before fitness aerobics.
  2. Fitness aerobics is a combination of sports and health-improving aerobics.
  3. Sports aerobics bypasses fitness aerobics in terms of the complexity of the elements and the required coordination.
  4. The set of elements that make up fitness aerobics and sports aerobics are different.