Difference between fish soup and fish soup.

Both fish soup and fish soup have their own benefits. Moreover, the recipes for both dishes have certain subtleties. Let's take a closer look at some of the secrets of cooking and find out how the ear differs from fish soup.


Ukha is a dish that is a fish soup prepared in a special way.


Fish soup - a dish prepared according to the general principles of cooking soups, a mandatory component of which is fish.

Fish soup


The fish used

The fish soup is inherently a rich broth. The main component in it is fish. It, as a whole or cut into large pieces, is taken to prepare fish soup quite a lot. But not any fish is suitable, but only giving the broth some stickiness and acquiring a delicate taste during cooking. Excellent fish soup is obtained, for example, from ruff, perch and pike perch. You can supplement the list with carp, rudd, carp and other types of fish.

The difference between fish soup and fish soup is that fish that has just been caught is often put in the fish soup. At the very least, it should be fresh. Both canned food and dried foods are suitable for fish soup. Moreover, in this case, the fish component may not be included in the dish in such a large amount, since here fish does not play the main role in the entire culinary composition, unlike fish soup. It is also important that tap water is taken for ordinary soup, and for fish soup it is often the one in which the fish swam.

Complementary Ingredients

In the ear, the ingredients are limited. In addition to fish, as a rule, they put onions in it, often with a whole head. It is also allowed to add large chunks of potatoes. Whole carrots are also used as a vegetable ingredient. However, it serves only to enhance the aroma of the broth, and it is removed from the finished fish soup, however, like the onion that has given its juices to the broth. Spices are welcome in the ear, albeit in moderation so as not to overwhelm the main taste. Bay leaves and a little pepper will add a spice to the ear.

Fish soup provides more opportunities for culinary creativity. The set of ingredients in such a dish may be different. In particular, cereals are often added, which are never put into the classic ear. In addition, vegetables are usually pre-fried when preparing fish soup.

Cooking technology

What is the difference between fish soup and fish soup, if we touch upon the cooking process itself? The fact is that the ukha is cooked in a container without a lid, and a pot of soup standing on the fire is most often covered up. Violent boiling of liquid is unacceptable for fish soup. In addition, in order for the fish to turn out juicy, and the broth to be of high quality and tasty, the fish soup must not be overcooked. For some types of fish, it is cooked for no more than 8-10 minutes.