Difference between federal and direct number.

The use of direct numbers by subscribers of modern Russian cellular operators, as a rule, for an additional fee. This is usually a monthly subscription fee.


The main difference between a federal number and a direct one is that you can dial the first one only if you dial it in full - indicating, along with the subscriber's personal number, also the national prefix and operator code. The caller's location doesn't matter.

In turn, it is possible to reach the owner of a direct number without dialing the national prefix and area code, but only if the caller is in the same locality.

Strictly speaking, a direct number can be considered a kind of federal one, since if it is dialed with a prefix and a city code, you can also call a subscriber from anywhere in the country or the world. However, the classic "federal" number under no circumstances allows dialing to the subscriber using only the personal number.

Having determined what is the difference between the federal and direct numbers, we will fix the main conclusions in the table.


(6 6) As a rule, free
Federal number Direct number
What do they have in common?
Direct number provided in full format (including international prefix and area code) is a type of federal
Direct numbers can have a "federal" version - with an operator code instead of a city one, in addition to the "classic" direct format
What is the difference between them?
Allows you to dial a subscriber from anywhere in the country or the world area code
Does not allow using only his personal number for dialing to the subscriber.locality)
11-digitCorresponds to the length of the subscriber's personal number, which is usually 6-7 digits
in all cases, it consists of an international prefix, operator or city code, as well as the subscriber's personal numberIn full format, it consists of the same elements as the federal number (but after the international prefix, the city code is indicated, not the operator), in the "classic" direct - represented only by the subscriber's personal number
As a rule, provided by the cellular operator for a fee