Difference between fear and phobia.

This fear is rooted in the risk to life and health. In this case, the alarm disappears along with the source of danger. The second person experiences a panic fear of heights, not just pursuing him, but controlling the actions of the individual. Driven by uncontrollable fear, he travels only by ground transport and does not rise above the second floor. Any thought of the source of fear makes a person dizzy, tremors of the limbs, rapid heart rate and numbness. This condition is commonly called a phobia. Unlike fear, which is innate, it is an acquired symptom. Residents of large cities often become hostages of such problems, suffering from fear of microbes, transport, large crowds, etc.

Let's summarize the difference between fear and phobia using a comparative table.

Fear Phobia
Manifestation of a defensive reaction a person, his instinct for self-preservationUnreasonable fear of certain situations or objects
Basic emotionA kind of neurosis
Congenital feelingAcquired symptom
Activates the body, makes a person hide or run awayPlunges the individual into a stupor
Has a momentary characterPursues a person everywhere
Protects us from dangerPoisons the life of an individual, controls his actions