Difference between Dyufaston and Utrozhestan.

Doctors know that many complications often occur during pregnancy, therefore, as soon as the threat of termination of pregnancy comes, they prescribe various drugs. These include Utrozhestan and Dyufaston - most often they are used with the threat of termination of pregnancy. Both drugs contain the hormone progesterone, which contributes to the successful bearing of the fetus and supports important biological processes in the woman's body. The effect of progesterone on a woman's body is primarily aimed at creating hormonal balance.


Dufaston - This is a hormonal preparation from the category of gestagens (female hormones), which in its molecular structure is close to natural progesterone. It is readily absorbed when taken orally and, unlike the hormone estrogen, is not a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. It does not cause any feminine characteristics in a male fetus.


Utrozhestan is considered the only progesterone in the world that is produced on the basis of plant materials. The drug is available in the form of capsules and suppositories.



Duphaston and Utrozhestan refer to progesterone drugs, they are designed to fill the lack of this hormone in a woman's body, because for a long time it has been proven that its deficiency leads to infertility or frequent miscarriages. Utrozhestan is composed of micronized natural progesterone and has the same chemical formula as natural progesterone. Dyufaston, in turn, belongs to the synthetic analogs of the hormone, however, it has practically no side effects, in contrast to the natural Utrozhestan.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Dufaston is a synthetic progesterone, Utrozhestan is a natural analogue of progesterone.