Difference between dumplings and dumplings.

Dumplings and dumplings - dishes of the national cuisines of the Slavic neighbors of Ukraine and Russia. Although the national identity has long been erased, and they are prepared with equal pleasure both in one and in another country.

In addition, dumplings with dumplings are the number one dish in the diet of students and very busy people. First, you can always buy a semi-finished product in a store. Secondly, if you choose a day and devote it to sculpting these wonderful products, then for some time you can not think about what to cook for dinner or in between lectures.

These dishes have a lot in common in their composition and method of preparation, but we will talk about the differences between dumplings and dumplings from each other.


Dumplings - unleavened dough dish with various fillings.


Pelmeni - a dish made from unleavened dough with meat filling.



It follows from the definition of dumplings and dumplings that they have different fillings. Dumplings are made with raw minced meat stuffing with onions, to which salt and pepper are added to taste. The filling of dumplings is more varied: these are mashed potatoes, mushrooms, cottage cheese, various berries, sauerkraut, poppy seeds, beans, cracklings with onions, dried apricots, rice and even meat. But, unlike dumplings filling, meat for dumplings is pre-boiled (stewed), and then twisted in a meat grinder along with fried onions and carrots.

The dough for dumplings must be bland. It is made from flour, water and eggs. The dough for dumplings can be either unleavened or yeast. Also known are recipes for dough on kefir, milk, yogurt.

The appearance of the dumplings resembles a crescent. Its ends are not connected to each other. There are housewives who fashion a pigtail in a semicircle of a dumpling. Most dumplings are round. They are molded according to the same principle as dumplings, but at the end of the molding of each dumpling, its tails are connected together. Although there are "written" dumplings that have the shape of dumplings and are decorated with a pigtail. Classic Ukrainian dumplings are much larger than dumplings.

Small "ears" dumplings can act as a first course if served in broth. The taste of this soup is perfectly emphasized by fresh chopped parsley. Dumplings are served only as a second course.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The homeland of dumplings is Ukraine. Dumplings are classified as Russian cuisine.
  2. Dumplings have many filling options; dumplings are prepared with minced meat.
  3. Dumplings with meat filling differ from dumplings in that pre-cooked and minced meat is placed in them, and dumplings are filled with raw minced meat.
  4. Dough for dumplings can be unleavened, yeast, kefir, milk, yogurt. The dough for dumplings is always bland.
  5. The dumplings are similar in shape to a crescent. Dumplings are often rounded due to tightly stuck ends.
  6. Classic dumplings are larger than dumplings.
  7. Dumplings are always the second dish. Dumplings with broth can act as a first course.