Difference between dressing table and trellis.

The side links are attached to the central one with hinges and are adjustable, which allows you to independently set the angle of reflection. Thanks to this, a person can view himself in the mirror not only from the front, but also from the side or even from behind. This design makes the device especially convenient for creating and modeling hairstyles.

The trellis center mirror is usually large. In it you can see yourself in full growth. Side reflective elements, as a rule, are an order of magnitude smaller. But in the mirror of the pier glass, a person sees himself only to the waist. This piece of furniture is adapted for applying makeup and performing facial treatments. Another difference between the pier glass and the trellis is that the first is often equipped with open side shelves, located flush with the mirror. Various cosmetics can be placed on them. The trellis has open shelves, if any, they are under the mirror. Also, some models of both products under consideration are complemented by hidden cabinets hidden behind reflective elements.

To summarize, what is the difference between a dressing table and a trellis.

Pierum Trellis
Has one mirrorHas three reflective elements
A person can only see himself from the frontAdjustable side flaps allow you to look at himself from all sides
Adapted for applying makeup and carrying out facial treatmentsIndispensable for creating and modeling hairstyles
A person is reflected in a mirror to the waistAllows the owner to see himself in full growth
Often equipped with open side shelves, located flush with the mirrorIf open shelves are present, they are located in the lower part of the product