Difference between department and faculty.

It so happens that applicants, choosing the right specialty when entering a university, are well guided in the names of faculties, but have no idea what departments are included in their composition. Meanwhile, specialization in all academic disciplines is carried out by the departments. Therefore, it is not superfluous to find out what it is and how it differs from the well-known concept of "faculty".


Faculty - it is a structural unit of a higher educational institution, its administrative and educational-scientific division, which organizes the educational process in the preparation of students and graduate students in a particular specialty. The area of ​​responsibility of the faculty also includes the management of departments that carry out research work in certain areas and teach the relevant academic disciplines.

Department is a structural subdivision of the faculty, which is responsible for teaching academic disciplines, organizing educational work, conducting practical training, training and advanced training of personnel. In addition, the department is a research link of the faculty and one of its methodological substructures.


The faculty unites several departments and coordinates the directions of their research and educational activities. The administrative management of the work of the departments is entrusted to the scientific council of the faculty, headed by the dean. The Scientific Council decides on the timing of the defense of diploma projects and master's theses, on the nomination of scientific papers for prizes, on the organization of scientific conferences and symposia, on the participation of teachers and students in such international events.

The office of the faculty maintains the necessary documentation, including the preparation and issuance of state diplomas and certificates of advanced training certified by the seal of the faculty.

Dean of the faculty is appointed a researcher with administrative experience who has a doctorate degree and the title of professor.

The department is headed by a member of its teaching staff with the academic title of professor or associate professor. Under his leadership, the tasks of the department are solved, which, in particular, include lecturing, organizing research and methodological work, conducting intermediate attestations and sessions.

Education and training of specialists at the department is carried out in one or several related disciplines. The department usually has its own laboratories or research centers equipped with the appropriate equipment.

For the coordination of educational and scientific work, meetings of the department are regularly held, in which teachers take part, and consultations for students on the preparation of term papers and theses.

The department also solves issues related to course retraining, postgraduate education and advanced training of personnel.

The joint work of individual departments consists in the implementation of educational programs approved for a given university.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Faculty - administrative and educational-scientific division of a higher educational institution. The department as an educational and scientific unit is a part of the faculty.
  2. The Faculty carries out administrative management and general management of the departments at all levels of their work. The department solves the tasks of the research and educational plan.
  3. At the faculty level, decisions are made regarding the timing of the defense of graduate projects and master's theses. The department regulates the timing of intermediate certifications and sessions.
  4. The scientific and teaching staff of the department provides the educational process and the organization of research work. The office of the faculty maintains the necessary documentation, including the execution of documents on graduation from a higher educational institution.