Difference between curtain and cornice.

Many people have a rather vague idea of ​​the meaning of the words "curtain" and "cornice". Someone is sure that curtains are attached to the curtain, others assume that the curtain rod is a ledge on the building, which has nothing to do with curtains. To find out who is right, let's figure out how the curtain differs from the cornice.


Curtain - a curtain on a window or door, usually completely covering the opening.


Cornice (according to one of the interpretations) - an attachment that supports the curtains.



From the definitions it becomes clear what is the difference between the curtain and the cornice. Curtain - what is used to close the window (door) opening. Traditionally, this is a wide curtain covering the entire window, often reaching the floor. Most often, curtains are made of delicate, airy fabric.

Such a curtain can act as an independent window decoration, and as a layer that complements the main curtains. The curtain is often a canvas without unnecessary elements, and sometimes there are decorations on it, for example, in the form of tassels or fringes.

Various methods are used to hold the curtain on the anchorage. In some cases, wide loops are sewn to the top of the canvas, usually made of the same fabric as the curtain itself. In others, eyelets are implanted into the edge of the curtain. And finally, the canvas can be supported by special clothespins on the rings.

The cornice is exactly what the curtain is hung on. The device is often in the form of a crossbar, made, for example, of wood or metal. There are also string cornices. Due to their low load-bearing capacity, they do not always withstand heavy curtains, but are suitable for weightless curtains.

The cornice is placed in such a way that the curtain cloth fixed on it goes over the opening and there is no gap in the upper part of the window. Controlling curtains on the cornice can be not only manual, but also more convenient - using the remote control. Of course, such a mount has a special design.

Mention should be made of other meanings of the word "cornice". This is really the name of the longitudinal protruding element on the wall of the building. It can be under a roof or separate floors. In addition, a narrow long ledge that crosses rocks and mountain steeps is called a cornice. Such cornices can sometimes be found high enough.

So, we found out what is the difference between a curtain and a cornice. This will allow in the future to use these names in a place.