Difference between curd and curd product.

This is due to the use of membrane filtration technology, which is popular with many well-known manufacturers. Since it involves heating the raw material, lactic acid bacteria simply die. Therefore, while maintaining the nutritional value of food, its benefits for the body practically come to naught.

The main difference between curd and curd product is that the latter contains vegetable fats. We are talking about palm and coconut oils, the share of which can be up to 50%. This product can hardly be called natural, because stabilizers, antioxidants, flavors and preservatives are added to it. Due to this, the shelf life of the curd product becomes quite long, and its smell is especially saturated. It can have a variety of consistencies: loose, dense, homogeneous or pasty.

Another distinctive feature of the product is the sugary sweet taste achieved through the addition of sugar. Its color can be either white or grayish. The product contains much more carbohydrates and less protein than cottage cheese. It cannot be called an easily digestible food. On the contrary, overuse of desserts can lead to obesity. Whereas cottage cheese is used in dietary nutrition. It is of particular benefit to the body as opposed to a product that is unnatural in its composition. Accordingly, the cost of cottage cheese is higher. However, despite all the valuable properties, they should not be abused.

Let's summarize what is the difference between curd and curd product.

Curd Curd product
Is fermented milk productIs a milk-containing dish
Only animal fats are used in the productionIt contains palm and coconut oils
Acts as a completely natural productPreservatives, flavors and dyes are present
Has a grainy consistencyThe consistency can be varied
Shelf life is 72 hours or lessSuitable for eating for a longer time
WhiteA grayish tint is acceptable
Characterized by a sour-sour cream flavorSugly sweet taste
It has a minimal carbohydrate contentThe amount of carbohydrates is an order of magnitude higher е
Is an easily digestible delicacyCan lead to obesity
Is of particular value for the bodyCarries harm rather than benefit
Has a relatively high costThe price is more democratic