Difference between cupcake and muffin

Everyone loves to eat! However, when choosing food, there are often difficulties associated with a great variety of culinary masterpieces. How to distinguish entrecote from roast beef, and beef stroganoff from kebab? What is the difference between kebab and just grilled meat? Sometimes only true gourmet experts can give objective answers. But today we will try to understand a little about sweets and distinguish a muffin from a muffin. While the first definition is known to many, the second is by no means. Let's take a journey together to the fascinating land of taste and discover the differences between these two confectionery products.


Keks - is a kind of dough casserole stuffed with raisins, jam or nuts. For baking, yeast or biscuit dough is most often used. Traditionally, muffins are supposed to be served on the table on big celebrations: Christmas, wedding, anniversary and other holidays. Interestingly, this culinary masterpiece was known back in the days of Ancient Rome, then pomegranate, nuts and raisins were kneaded in barley puree. In those days, sugar as such was not yet known, it became known only from the sixteenth century, and it was from that time that cupcakes spread throughout Europe, and then became famous in the New World. Now in different countries there are many recipes for these products.


Muffin is a small sweet pastry the size of a palm, round or oval in shape. The product is heavier by weight than the cake and has different proportions of ingredients. Chocolate, fruits, berries and more are often added to muffins. There are several legends about the origin of this culinary miracle. According to one version, the word muffin comes from the French moufflet, according to another - from the German muffe. At one time, they were small cakes and were a kind of corn substitute for wheat bread. Muffins are usually divided into English and American: in the first case, yeast dough is used, and in the second, a special baking powder or soda is used. Due to the fact that this product is quick and easy to prepare (there are even preparations for special culinary mixtures), it very quickly gained popularity in many countries.



We can say that a classic cake is a kind of yeast dough pie stuffed with raisins or nuts. It can be defined as a kind of analogue of the cake, since almost the same ingredients are used to knead the dough. Cupcakes come in both small and large sizes. But the muffin is a more miniature and at the same time dense culinary product. It can fit in the palm of your hand and looks like a small cake.

There are also certain differences in cooking. For a cake, all products are kneaded in one bowl at the same time. Muffins are made by separately mixing the "wet" and "dry" components, which are then combined. In general, it is believed that muffins are more difficult to prepare, require a mixer, while muffins, on the contrary, are easy to prepare and knead with a regular spoon.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. In appearance, a cupcake is often similar to a pie or cake, and a muffin is like a cake.
  2. Muffins can be quite large in size, but muffins are always miniature, but at the same time they are heavier and have a denser texture.
  3. The components of the cake are kneaded together, and the muffin separately.
  4. Muffins are more difficult to prepare, while muffins are much easier.