Difference between city and road bikes.

The number of those who prefer a bicycle to a car is growing every day. There are more and more bike paths and special parking lots. This trend is neither encouraging. If you also decide to join the two-wheeled community, then you need to decide which bike is best for you: city or road, because they are easy to get confused. What is the difference between city and road bikes?

There is perhaps no more vague concept in the cycling industry than the city (or recreational) bicycle. Some experts argue that it allegedly does not exist at all, since we can classify such bicycles in the class of hybrids (that is, vehicles with average characteristics). This is because a city bike has an average height, average tire width, average weight, and average strength. It is very convenient for urban driving, which involves frequent stops. At the same time, the city bike does not require careful maintenance, like other, more complex models. Its distinguishing feature is the equipment. The marketers did their best, and the city bike is equipped with everything that your heart desires: a flashlight, a basket, a trunk, a mirror. However, it is safe to say that it (as well as a road bike) will not cope with off-road conditions, unlike a mountain bike, which we wrote about here. For long trips on smooth, flat roads, it is also not suitable, because its design allows you to move comfortably for a short time. If you want to cycle on the beautiful asphalt for hours, you should pay attention to the road bike: it is specially designed for this. Simple, with large diameter wheels - with it you will feel all the delights of a good road.

City bike
Road bike

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The city bike is not designed for long rides, even with good surface: you will understand this from the fit, also the city bike has a smaller wheel diameter
  2. The city bike is supplied with a number of different accessories
  3. The city bike easy to use and easier to care for than a road bike.