Difference between choleric and sanguine.

Surely every person at least once in his life came across the concept of "type of temperament." Belonging to one category or another largely determines our character, behavior, reactions to various circumstances, etc. In total, there are four types of temperament that have certain characteristics. Two of them are characterized by high activity and emotionality, and therefore they are often confused with each other.


Choleric is a type of temperament, associated with speed of action, excessive emotionality, explosive and impulsive nature. Strong, instantly replacing feelings are embodied in the speech, facial expressions and gestures of such a person. Violent emotional outbursts along with frequent mood swings make choleric people unbalanced people who sometimes simply cannot control their behavior. But despite this, many owners of this type of temperament became really great people. A striking example of this are Pushkin, Peter I, Suvorov, Mendeleev.


Sanguine is a type of temperament characterized by liveliness, mobility, the ability to easily endure troubles and failures. Such people do everything surprisingly quickly: they move, speak, change their facial expressions, etc. They are energetic and efficient, sociable, but often unstable. The famous academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov believed that the excessive activity of sanguine people can result in superficiality and unjustified haste of actions. However, in most cases, such people are very calculating and responsible, thanks to which they achieve success in the professional field. Famous carriers of this type of temperament include Herzen, Mozart, Lermontov and Napoleon Bonaparte.



Let's start with the fact that the two types of temperament under consideration have a number of similar features. They are both very emotional, sociable, active, do not tolerate monotony and monotony. However, in comparison with sanguine people, choleric people are more impetuous and unbalanced. Their mood changes several times a day, moving from carefree fun to unbridled rage and vice versa. Choleric people lack a balance of nervous processes, and excitement prevails over inhibition. Such people have a tremendous capacity for work. However, carried away by an interesting business, they thoughtlessly waste their strength and quickly become exhausted.

As for the sanguine person, this type of temperament is characterized by poise and love of life. A person with a similar view of the world is also very impressionable and emotional, but all his experiences are painted in rainbow colors. The sanguine person is very productive in the field of activity that arouses genuine interest in him. However, if the work does not enthrall him enough, he quickly cools down.

Another difference between a choleric person and a sanguine person is that the latter often becomes a socially recognized leader. The team loves him very much for his sociability, smile, good nature and natural charm. This person is ready to make compromises, adapt to various life situations, show gentleness. However, it is still not worth appointing a sanguine person to high leadership positions. He can win over, convince, charm, but the role of an influential leader is not very good for him. Whereas the choleric is a pronounced dictator. He loves to lead very much and is able to subjugate people without much difficulty. An individual so demanding, inclined to maximalism, simply does not know how to compromise. The team treats him mostly negatively, while being afraid and not daring to disobey.

It is also worth noting that it is absolutely impossible to spoil a relationship with a sanguine person. Even to obvious attacks against him, he reacts very easily and good-naturedly, trying to turn the conflict situation into a joke. The choleric responds to any negative with an extremely impulsive, instantly enraged, screaming loudly and waving his arms. This format of communication is familiar to him, he resorts to it several times a day. The choleric person simply needs to give a splash to his emotions, which are just torn out. It is quite obvious that a stranger may not be able to withstand such a pressure and will immediately turn to flight.

Let's summarize what is the difference between a choleric person and a sanguine person.


Choleric Sanguine
An unbalanced person who cannot control his behaviorA person who owns his own emotions
Mood changes several times a dayAll experiences are colored in rainbow colors
Carried away by an interesting business, quickly depletedProductive in areas of activity that are not indifferent to him
Is a dictator, unable to compromiseKnows how to negotiate, demonstrate gentleness
Easily subjugates the team, but does not deserve its loveIs a recognized leader, but not able to occupy high leadership positions
Any negative generates rage, a storm of negative emotionsReacts easily and good-naturedly to criticism, turns the conflict into a joke