Difference between carving and biowaving.

Modern girls are tired of monotony, they want to constantly change and surprise others with new images. In search of original stylistic solutions, they resort to various methods of coloring, curling and straightening. Nowadays, charming curls are in fashion, which can be obtained through the use of modern technologies. Carving or biowaving - what are their differences, and which way to give your preference? We will try to answer these topical questions.


Carving - chemical treatment of hair with gentle compounds using curlers of various shapes and sizes. Provides extra volume and long-lasting styling effect.

Biowave - technology of curling by means of curlers and special formulations. Improves the structure and appearance of the hair.


The carving procedure is a type of long-term styling and is carried out using a special gentle composition. It is much weaker than the composition for biowaving, with it it will not be possible to achieve the effect of a tight curl. The indications for the use of carving are thin and unruly hair. After the procedure, they become much fuller and more voluminous, and if you curl your hair with curlers, the curls will last for a long time. The chemical solution used for the procedure affects exclusively the surface layer of the hair, which distinguishes this technology from classical chemistry. The effect of carving lasts only 1-2 months. The procedure is contraindicated for owners of damaged and recently colored hair.

The special formulation used for biowaving includes a biological protein that is structurally similar to a human protein. Thanks to this procedure, the hair acquires a shiny and well-groomed appearance, and strong elastic curls remain for six months. Bio-curling is suitable for colored and damaged hair, but is best fixed on natural hair. Compared to carving, biowave is more expensive, because its effect is longer.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Carving is a long-term styling that allows you to give your hair a slight waviness. With biowave, strong elastic curls are obtained.
  2. The effect of carving lasts no more than 2 months, while the result of biowaving is noticeable for half a year.
  3. The carving procedure is contraindicated for owners of damaged and recently colored hair; biowaving has no such contraindications.
  4. Due to its longer and more noticeable effect, biowaving is a more expensive procedure than carving.