Difference between carpet and carpet.

The size of the interior element is selected individually, depending on the area of ​​the room in which it will be used. The carpet is sold exclusively in rolls. It occupies not part of the room, but all of its space. The product is ideal for a living room, nursery or bedroom.

Another difference between the carpet and the carpet is that the first is laid on the finished floor. It is spread over linoleum or laminate to provide warmth in a specific area. Carpet is the main covering that is laid directly on the screed or wood floor. Due to the presence of lint, it is considered more whimsical to care for, requiring periodic cleaning with the use of special products. The palace is surprisingly practical, it is not very susceptible to dirt, and if necessary, it can be washed with ordinary powder.

Special attention should be paid to the design of interior items. Quite often, fancy patterns, floral prints, stripes, etc. are applied to carpets, while the carpet cannot boast of an original design. Many products of this kind are monochromatic. If there is a pattern on the coating, then, as a rule, it is small and often repetitive. Carpet is much more expensive than a carpet. This is due to the presence of lint and the impressive size of the coating.

To summarize, what is the difference between a carpet and a carpet.

Palace Carpet
Acts as a kind of carpetFlooring
Lint-freeMostly lint-free
Standard sizesDimensions are selected depending on the area of ​​the room
It has a small widthThe width is very impressive
Takes up a small part of the roomCovers the entire surface around the perimeter of the room
Spreads over linoleum or laminatePlaced on a screed or wooden floor
Considered a more practical piece of furnitureQuite whimsical in care
Often has an original designOften monochromatic, but can have a small, often repetitive pattern
The cost of the product is very democraticThe price is an order of magnitude higher