Difference between carpet and carpet

Other disadvantages include a rather meager design. Usually, the product is decorated with a small repeating pattern or is completely monochromatic.

The essential difference between carpet and carpet is that the first is used only for laying on the floor. Whereas the second product can be hung on the wall or placed on top of furniture. In most cases, it has a rich, sophisticated design, decorated with fancy patterns and original ornaments. It is a full-fledged piece of furniture with a fixed size and finished edges. However, only part of the room is covered with it. That is, the carpet is laid on top of an existing coating: linoleum, parquet, laminate, etc. The advantage of the product is its mobility. The carpet can be easily moved to another room or taken out into the street for ventilation and dust extraction. Due to the relatively small dimensions of the product, its soundproofing qualities can hardly be called high.

To summarize, what is the difference between carpet and carpet.

Carpet Carpet
rollsFixed size
Used to cover the entire roomCovers only part of the floor
Can laid on a wooden or concrete baseSpreads over the main covering
Is a stationary productDiffers in mobility
Has high sound insulation propertiesThe ability to absorb sounds is an order of magnitude lower
Characterized by a rather poor designDecorated with exquisite patterns and ornaments
Has raw edgesProduct borders are framed