Difference between canal and river.

Mountain valleys are narrow, with steep banks and high water velocity in the river. Plains have wide, sloping banks and a relatively low speed of water flow in the river.

Each river has its own regime or behavior throughout the year. It depends on the climatic zone or the zones within which it flows. The Nile is considered the record holder for the length of the river valley, and the Amazon is recognized as the champion for the number of water masses carried by the river.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The main difference is the origin. Canals were dug, people built. Rivers are exclusively natural objects.
  2. Different sources of water. Rivers replenish sediment, melting glaciers and groundwater. The canal takes water from those reservoirs that it connects.
  3. The nature of the river bed depends on the relief, underlying rocks and the basis of erosion. The depth, width and section of the channel is determined by the builders, with an eye on the maximum economic efficiency with minimum labor and cost.