Difference between cake and meal.

The seeds of some crops, in particular sunflower, are the raw material for the production of oil. After the entire procedure, cake or meal remains. These products, possessing nutritional value, are used as feed for raising animals: pigs, chickens, horses, rabbits and others. What is such waste, and how is cake different from sprat? Let's try to find out.


Oilcake - plant mass, remaining after pressing oilseeds.

Oil cake

Meal - waste resulting from the extraction of oil.



So, in the process of seed treatment, pressing with the help of special equipment can be used. What remains in this case after the oil comes out is cake. It breaks up into dense plates of unequal size. Before being added to livestock feed, they are brought to the desired state: they are crushed or softened in hot water. On sale can go already crushed into powder or granular cake. In this form, it is permissible to include it in nutritional mixtures without preparation.

The difference between cake and oil cake lies in the composition itself. The first product contains significantly more residual fat. This is precisely due to the press technology of oil extraction. Meanwhile, meal wins in terms of protein content. This product is a by-product of the extraction. We are talking about the separation of oil from seed materials by introducing a solvent. The latter, at the end of the process, is completely evaporated from the mass.

The meal is crumbly, like flakes. Often, at the final stage of production, it is converted into granules using appropriate devices. This facilitates the packing and transportation of the meal. In general, the fodder quality of the products under consideration is determined by the variety of seeds being processed and the accompanying subtleties of the oil mill production.

What is the difference between cake and meal in relation to their shelf life? Comparing fodder products from this point of view, one should, on the contrary, emphasize their similarity. Both products are hygroscopic. In high humidity, they can turn rancid and become unusable by animals. Provided the conditions of dryness and ventilation are provided, the feed of the above species may not lose its valuable qualities for up to three months.


Oilcake Meal
Is the result of pressing the seedsIt is obtained during the extraction process
Initially it looks like plates, sometimes quite largeConsists of flakes
Rich in fatMinimum oil remains
Less proteinRich in protein