Difference between brunette and brown-haired woman.

The brunette has black, bluish black (like a raven's wing) or very dark curls, such as dark chestnut. brown-haired woman has dark blond hair or all shades of chestnut, except, respectively, the darkest. Interestingly, the French word brunet ("brunet") comes from brun ("brown, swarthy, dark"), which is consonant with English brown and German Braun with a similar meaning. And the word, also from the French language, châtain ("brown") is derived from châtaigne ("chestnut"), which takes its roots from the Latin castanea with the same meaning. That is, "brown-haired" and "chestnut" are initially close concepts with common linguistic roots. The bark and fruits of chestnut have a lot of different shades. Just like chestnut hair, there are many color variations and nuances. According to research by scientists, the words "brunet" and "brown-haired", which we now actively use, came to the Russian language from French back in the 19th century.

So it is completely wrong to refer the brown-haired woman to "almost brunettes". Brown-haired women have their own color type, certain tones of clothing and make-up are suitable for them, as well as the scent of perfume, they have a special temperament and character, behavior and sexual preferences. Brown-haired women look great in clothes of the color of coffee and milk chocolate, as well as purple, yellow, gray, turquoise, blue, pink. It is not recommended for them only black or only white, it is desirable to "dilute" them with others. Brown-haired women should avoid too dark tones. Brunettes look good in outfits of all shades of red: in cherry, burgundy, raspberry, tomato, as well as in white, black, blue, green, black, lavender, peach. Deep expressive tones are perfect for these women, making them even more mysterious and attractive.

On the left - a brown-haired woman. Right - a brunette

Bright saturated shades even in daytime makeup are also an advantage of brunettes. A shiny cherry or burgundy lipstick in combination with burning dark hair will not make a brunette defiant or vulgar, but, on the contrary, emphasize her natural beauty. Pastel pale tones of cosmetics with a bright appearance of a brunette look rather unnatural. Matte shades are the advantage of brown-haired women, their trump card is the calm, sophisticated color of the eyes and lips.

If we are talking about the scent of perfume or eau de toilette, then brunettes are most of all sweetish, spicy, harsh scents with an "oriental" note, with jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwood, musk and amber. The image of a brown-haired woman will wonderfully complement any fresh, delicate floral perfume, for example, with acacia, gardenia, sweet peas, honeysuckle.

It is believed, and quite rightly, that brunettes have such properties of nature as passion, impulsiveness, expressiveness, willfulness, jealousy and even vindictiveness. It's not for nothing that a vamp woman is exactly a brunette. It is noticed that dark-haired fatal beauties in the body have more male hormone called testosterone. Therefore, they are characterized by typically "masculine" qualities: activity and power, independence and striving for domination. Brown-haired women are reputed to be more calm, balanced, solid, flexible and reliable, they cause more confidence. Psychologists note the sensuality and purposefulness of brunettes, the softness and prettiness of brown-haired women. Increased testosterone levels allow natural brunettes to mature sexually earlier. Brown-haired women have a more balanced hormonal background, so they later enter puberty and even, according to research, reach orgasm less often.

It has been scientifically proven that an average brown-haired woman has about 110 thousand hairs on her head, while a brunette has 100 thousand. At the same time, the hair of brunettes is thicker and harder, stronger.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Brunettes have black or dark brown hair, brown-haired women have dark blond and all shades of brown (except the darkest).
  2. Brunettes and brown-haired women are suitable for different colors of clothes and makeup, perfume aromas. These two representatives of the fair sex differ in temperament and character, demeanor.
  3. Brunettes have more of the male sex hormone testosterone in their bodies, so they usually mature sexually earlier.
  4. The brown-haired woman has more hair on her head than the brunette, while the latter has thicker and stronger hair.