Difference between bruise and hematoma.

Bruises and bruises do not appear for no reason. They look very unattractive and can cause big problems. What is the difference between a bruise and a hematoma? Let's try to figure it out.


A bruise is popularly called a minor injury associated with injury to the subcutaneous capillaries.


Hematoma is a pathological formation in the tissues of the body, in which a cavity appears filled with blood from ruptured vessels.



Let's start with the fact that in medicine only the name “hematoma” is used. The same term is used by representatives of other professions: forensic experts, lawyers and others. Therefore, from the point of view of language, the difference between a bruise and a hematoma is that the first concept belongs to the official vocabulary, and the second to the colloquial one.

The appearance of a hematoma is preceded by any effect on the tissue, for example, a blow or pinching. Under this force, the vessels burst, and their contents are released under pressure into the opened cavity. The severity of this phenomenon is different. It all depends on how many vessels are damaged and whether they are large.

Extensive hematomas occur with severe bruises. At the same time, the volume of the poured out blood is impressive. In a superficial hematoma, red and purple tints may be present, and the color is often uneven. The formation looks holistic or represents several spots concentrated in one place.

With a hematoma, edema and swelling appear. It hurts even to touch the damaged area. Muscle mobility may be limited. And with the most dangerous internal hematoma, the work of organs is disrupted. In this case, medical intervention is required.

Meanwhile, a not too serious hematoma located in the external tissues is often called a bruise in everyday life, focusing on the color of the skin in the injured area. Here, only the capillaries are affected. Such damage, as a rule, does not bother (except for what is an external defect), and you can feel pain in this area only with strong pressure.

In general, the question of what is the difference between a bruise and a hematoma can be answered as follows. A hematoma is a lesion with the appearance of a cavity into which blood flows from the vessels. Such education can be very painful and dangerous for a person. And a bruise in non-professional speech is called a minor hematoma or bruise. It usually does not hurt and heals relatively quickly.