Difference between brie and camembert

France is famous for its cheeses. An honorable place among the variety of varieties of this product is occupied by the king of brie cheeses and camembert cheese, one of the most popular in the country. They belong to the so-called soft cheeses and to an ignorant person at first glance, they may seem, if not the same, then very similar. But if you tell the French about the similarity of brie and Camembert, then they will consider you an absolute ignoramus, because these cheeses, although they are similar, still have many differences.


Bree - soft cheese made from cow's milk. The number one cheese in France. It is one of the oldest French cheeses. Considered the "father" of Camembert.

Brie cheese

Camembert is a soft cheese made from cow's milk. The history of Camembert we know began not so long ago - at the end of the 19th century. Although, according to the legend, this cheese appeared a century earlier than the specified date.

Camembert cheese


Brie is a soft gray-white cheese covered with a white moldy crust with reddish streaks. It is made in the form of a kind of "cakes", which can have different diameters (from 30 to 60 cm) and heights (from 3 to 5 cm). Brie tastes spicy, very delicate and slightly spicy, has a smell of hazelnuts. The pungency may depend on the height of the cheese wheel and the time it ripens: a thin "cake" will be much sharper than a thick one.

Camembert is a soft cheese that has a color from white to light creamy, covered with a white moldy crust. Delicate, spicy, sweetish in taste, smells of fresh mushrooms. The size of the Camembert circle is strictly fixed: 11 cm in diameter and 3 cm in height.

Camembert is a fattier cheese. Brie 25% less fat.

The crusts on these cheeses are formed by a special cheese mold. Camembert's crust has a pungent taste and a pronounced mushroom aroma. The brie crust tastes like ammonia, almost tasteless.

Brie is a type of cheese that can be made at any time of the year. Camembert is quite difficult to make in hot weather, so its production is stopped for the summer period.

Camembert's distinctive quality mark is its packaging, which is a wooden box. Thanks to her, cheese can be transported over long distances. Bree is not packaged like that.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The flesh of brie cheese is white with a gray tint; Camembert has all shades of white and light creamy.
  2. Bree smells like hazelnuts, Camembert smells like mushrooms.
  3. Camembert has a fixed cheese wheel size, with brie heads differing in thickness and diameter.
  4. Brie is a less fatty cheese than Camembert.
  5. Brie cheese has a moldy crust that smells like ammonia and does not have a distinct taste. It is white with reddish streaks. The crust of camembert is white, pungent in taste and smells like champignons.
  6. Brie is made all year round, Camembert from September to May.
  7. A real Camembert is always packed in a wooden box.