Difference between blizzard and blizzard.

Blizzard and blizzard are fundamentally unpleasant phenomena that can lead to the death of people or animals, as well as "remove" the protective, warm-keeping snow cover from plants.


Blizzard - unfavorable atmospheric phenomenon, one of the varieties of a blizzard.

A snowstorm is an unfavorable weather phenomenon in which there is an intense transfer of snow with the help of the wind.


Blizzard as a phenomenon can be observed in the steppe zone of the temperate climatic zone and on treeless plains in the subarctic climatic zone of Eurasia and North America.

Blizzard is one of the types of blizzards, namely, a blowing blizzard. It is caused by the wind blowing at a speed of not less than 7 m / s. During a blizzard, a fresh snow cover rises from the surface of the earth, which was not touched by the melting process and which did not have time to be covered with an ice crust. A feature of a blizzard is that it can move snow even in the absence of precipitation, with an absolutely clear, cloudless sky. The blizzard is caused by anticyclones coming from the Arctic.

Snowstorms are observed in the temperate, subarctic, arctic and antarctic climatic zones of our planet. Meteorologists distinguish 3 types of snowstorms - drifting snow, ground and general snowstorm. In blizzards, snow is transferred, both raised from the ground, and that which only falls as atmospheric precipitation. A blizzard can be caused by a vortex of both cyclonic and anticyclonic origin.

In a blizzard, fragments of snowflakes are carried by the wind. Whole snowflakes are carried in blizzards. As a result of a blizzard, snow is deposited on the surface of the earth evenly, with a low density. After the blizzard, the snow is unevenly packed - in the form of dunes and dunes, with increased density.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Blizzard is a less voluminous and widespread concept than a blizzard.
  2. Blizzard is formed by anticyclonic wind eddies, and blizzard - by cyclonic and anticyclonic.
  3. A blizzard "raises" only snow from the earth's surface, and a blizzard "drives" snow falling from the sky or raised from the ground.
  4. Snow after a blizzard is evenly "laid out" on the earth's surface, and after a blizzard a relief similar to a desert one is formed, only with snow dunes and sand dunes.