Difference between biowave and chemical.

At all times, many women dreamed of curly hair, believing that they would give the image a special femininity. The solution was found several decades ago. It became a perm (permanent), once so popular that no one even thought about its consequences. A convincing argument was the fact that even thin hair turned into lush hair. The years passed, and the euphoria subsided. Finally, I had to admit that this type of curling is harmful to the curls. But this is why the cosmetology industry exists, to save beautiful ladies from disappointment. Today, there are several types of hair curling, one of them is biological. At first, the girls had a misunderstanding of the difference between bio-curling and chemical. Gradually, doubts were dispelled, and now both types are successfully used for the benefit of beauty.


Perm is a procedure, thanks to which straight hair turns into chic curls. Despite the fact that this process is quite laborious, the effect obtained justifies the temporary losses. Only after chemistry does the hair deteriorate.

Biowave - gentle curling of hair. The composition of the drugs used does not include hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Instead, they use cysteamine, an analogue of the natural cystine found in hair. This creates curls of any size and thickness, increasing the root volume.


It must be admitted that any of the curling methods cannot have only positive sides. Therefore, before deciding to curl curls, it is worth figuring out how biowaving differs from chemical.

Use on weakened hair

The difference between biowave and chemical is that it does not require the use of ammonia, thioglycolic acid and other chemical components. Thanks to this, this variety is also suitable for owners of thin strands, does not destroy them, but even restores them. Perms are not recommended for girls whose hair is severely thinned or has been dyed many times. In addition, it is not suitable for those who have recently used henna or basma.

Possibility of changing the hairstyle

When choosing a procedure method, one should also take into account how strong the craving for experiments is. Bio-curling allows you to change your hairstyle almost immediately, but with a chemical one you need to wait.

Effects on hair health

Perm does not require constant care like biowaving. But the hair color after it may change over time, fade. And the procedures for restoring the beauty of curls are more complicated and troublesome. After biowaving, of all the care manipulations, only additional hair nourishment is required.


When comparing the cost of both procedures, it becomes clear that the difference between them is tangible. Biowave is more expensive, but this is not surprising. The drugs are of high quality, natural. They are gentle on the hair, do not dry it out.

Both types of perm can be performed at home, but it is still recommended to seek the services of a specialist who will give valuable advice on their use, depending on the type of hair.


Biowave Perm
Expensive procedureCheaper than biowaving
Natural ingredients are usedChemical ingredients are used
Gentle curlingDamages hair
Requires nourishmentRequires long-term recovery procedures
Color strands remain unchangedHair color fades, fades