Difference between biogel and shellac.

Women who care for their nails often ask the question: what is the difference between biogel and shellac. Both are designed to give the nails a beautiful shine and strengthen their structure, but there are significant differences between them.


Shellac - it is an exclusively natural product. It is a resin excreted in the form of excrement by a certain type of insect parasite. Such bugs settle on subtropical and tropical trees in the countries of Southeast Asia and India. The insect species Kerria Lacca is the best known in the shellac industry. In its composition, this substance contains shellolic, aleuretic, dihydrooxyphicocerrolic acids and shellac wax. The melting point of this substance is from 80 to 120 degrees C. It dissolves very well in an alkaline medium. Shellac is easy to apply with a color coating, thus it combines the properties of both modeling gels and manicure varnishes.

Biogel is a material invented at the beginning of the 21st century. It is softer and more pliable than shellac. Also important is the fact that using biogel, you can carry out several options for correcting the nail plate.


Shellac is the leader in the strength of the nail plate coating. It is maximally resistant to external factors and minor damage, and also dries very quickly under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. In turn, biogel adheres very firmly to the nail, and the unique breathable coating enables normal growth and development of the nail plate, and also prevents its delamination. However, the gel is very unstable to alcohol, acetone and household chemicals. Biogel overtakes shellac in terms of the duration of exposure. It can stay on the nails for an entire month, while the shellac should be renewed every two weeks. Shellac is more used to give the nail a beautiful appearance and strengthen it, but biogel also allows you to build it up.

The difference between shellac and biogel

  1. Shellac is an exclusively natural substance
  2. Biogel allows not only to take care of nails, but also not interferes with their growth.
  3. Shellac is resistant to household chemicals, a housewife can make herself a beautiful manicure and not be afraid for its safety.
  4. Biogel allows not only to give strength and shine to nails, but also to build them up.