Difference between beef stroganoff and goulash

The sticks are rolled in flour and fried in a pan with onions. This process should take no more than five minutes, otherwise the beef will turn out to be dry. Then the meat is poured with sour cream sauce with the addition of tomato paste and stewed under the lid until softened. Of the spices, only salt and black pepper are used. The dish is served with any side dish.

The main difference between beef stroganoff and goulash is that in the second case, the beef is cut into cubes. It is not required to pre-beat the product. In the traditional recipe, the meat is thoroughly fried on bacon and onions. Since Hungarian goulash is a thick soup, cooking takes place in a saucepan. Fried potatoes, sweet peppers, some tomatoes and flour are placed in a container with meat and onions. Everything is poured with water and stewed under the lid until cooked. The addition of various seasonings and spices is only welcome. The result is an independent dish that does not require a separate side dish.

As for the Russian recipe for making goulash, in this case it is prepared from almost any meat, be it beef, pork, chicken or turkey. The main ingredient is fried in a pan with onions, after which a wide variety of products are sent to the container: white cabbage or cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, sour cream, tomato paste, flour, etc. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the hostess. The dish turns out to be quite thick and is often served with a side dish.

To summarize, what is the difference between beef stroganoff and goulash.

Beef Stroganoff Goulash
Refers to Russian culinary schoolHungarian folk food
Prepared exclusively from beefThe Russian variation of the dish allows you to use any kind of meat
The meat is pre-beatenNo beating is required
The beef is cut into thin slices across the grainThe meat is cut into cubes in any direction
The main ingredient is doused in flour, which allows it to preserve its juicinessDoes not imply breading of the original product
Beef is fried no more than 5 minutesRoasting can take longer
Serves as the second courseTraditional Hungarian food is a thick soup. In Russia it can be served as a second course
The recipe includes a minimum amount of spices and additional ingredientsIt is permissible to add seasonings and a wide variety of products
Stewed meat in sour cream saucePrepared with the addition of water
Always served with a side dishCan be used as a separate dish