Difference between BDRip and HDRip

While IMDB evaluates the actors' play, plot and directorial delights, users rate the quality of the picture designated (mainly in peer-to-peer networks and online video servers) with abbreviations with the obligatory root Rip. If something like this is indicated in parentheses after the title of the movie, we are dealing with a file copied from a material medium (the one for which they are trying to force us to pay). There are many rips, and their quality is noticeably different. BDRip is by far one of the most popular rip types today, with HDRip being somewhat more complicated.


BDRip - the type of video file (not to be confused with the format) obtained by extracting it from the Blu-Ray disc and converting it to the optimal format.

HDRip - a type of video file obtained: a) by recording into a high-definition television broadcast file; b) by copying and compressing a rip of a high-definition video file; c) by extracting the file from the HD-DVD disc. The fact is that the abbreviation HDRip has been used and is still used in various meanings, and there is no uniform idea about this type of rip. This is often just a mis-spelling of the HDTVRip naming convention, because HD-DVD discs are a thing of the past and rips from them have become practically dinosaurs. Sometimes HDRip means rip from any HD rip, but some trackers do not accept this option.


The difference between BDRip and HDRip cannot be obvious due to the non-obviousness of the second abbreviation. BDRip is removed from Blu-Ray discs, which provides almost the highest quality picture and sound in the direct hands of the processor. If by HDRip we mean rip from HD-DVD, then there will be no difference with Blu-Ray in this case, only the size of the final file may be slightly smaller. If we consider HDRip as a rip of any HD source, then everything here depends on the source. Most often, this weight is ripped with BDRip, and with a clear loss of quality. HDTVRip, which is a recording of an HDTV broadcast, gives a slightly worse picture than BDRip (depends on the channel), and the video can be equipped with its logo. BDRip can be created only after the release of Blu-Ray discs with specific content, HDTVRip - after the release of the content on the air.

The difference between BDRip and HDRip

  1. The picture quality of BDRip is usually higher.
  2. HDRip today is either rip from HDTV, or rip from HD file, BDRip from Blu-Ray disc.
  3. The resulting BDRip file is larger than any HDRip.