Difference between ARVI about ARI.

And everything would be quite simple with the diagnosis, but the result of these studies (by the way, quite expensive!) Will be ready in about a week from the moment of taking it. During this period, more than 90% of patients manage to recover and go to work. So, there is no special sense in such studies. There remains another 10% of the population who do not have time to recover in a week as a result of treatment. Most often, in such cases, there are a wide variety of complications of bacterial and viral infections.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. ARI is an acute respiratory disease, the diagnosis of ARVI is also an acute respiratory disease, but with the specification that it is has a viral etiology.
  2. According to the unspoken rule, all cases of upper respiratory tract infections are usually referred to as acute respiratory infections. The doctor can make the diagnosis of ARVI only if there are examination results or in the case when the disease becomes widespread.
  3. Symptoms of ARI are characteristic of any respiratory infection. The symptoms of ARVI are more pronounced.