Difference between ancient civilizations and primitive society.

But they ran, and even how, they even raised uprisings: 1600 BC in Egypt, the pyramid builders rebelled because they were not given garlic, which was believed to restore strength. It is clear that this is only an excuse, the main reason was poor working conditions. However, had it not been for the state that suppressed the uprising, the pyramid would have remained unfinished.


What is the difference between ancient civilizations and primitive society is clearly shown in the table below.

Primitive society Ancient civilizations
Law (jurisprudence)Customary law based on traditions, habitsWritten law recorded in historical documents (Salicheskaya Pravda, Russkaya Pravda, Laws of XII tables and so on)
Social organizationTribal community, at the last stage - the neighboring community; social equalityState; social differentiation appears, slavery arises
ArtDevelopment is received mainly by oral folk art, which is often not written down (since writing has not yet been created), but is passed down from generation a generation; fine arts and small plastic arts are in their infancy; monumental sculpture and complex architectural forms are absentAll types of art are rapidly developing
SciencePrimary scientific knowledge (movement of celestial bodies, the beginning of counting, medicine and so on)All kinds of science are developing