Difference between acne and pimples

A clean face has always been considered the foundation of beauty and a sign of good health. However, sometimes our appearance, unfortunately, is spoiled by uninvited guests in the form of acne, acne and other rashes. This can be a real disaster for young boys and girls, especially if they decide to go on a date or, for example, for a job interview.


Acne - these are small bumps on the skin that are inflamed with redness, they arise as a result of an infection of clogged sebaceous glands.

Acne is also an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, but at the initial stage. As a rule, these are blackheads that are very noticeable on the skin.


Acne is divided into two types: black (comedones) and white (fatty). Blackheads appear transparent at first, then they oxidize under the influence of oxygen, darken and turn black. They are usually always found on the surface of the skin. Fats, unlike blackheads, become inflamed deep in the layers of the skin and look like small nodules. Comedones become inflamed as a result of the clogging of the hair follicle, and keratinized skin scales and sebaceous secretions clog the ducts.

Acne and acne occur not only in adolescence, but can also appear due to hormonal and endocrine changes. They often "crawl out" on the skin due to digestive problems and poor nutrition, as well as due to adverse weather conditions and excessive makeup that clogs the pores of the skin, preventing it from breathing. Sometimes, in order to eliminate the rash, it is enough to remove the factors of skin irritation: stop using cosmetics, normalize nutrition, constantly cleanse the skin of the face from the secreted sebum.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. A pimple is an inflamed formation on the surface of the skin, acne is a “black point” on the surface.
  2. First, acne occurs on the skin. If left untreated, acne will soon appear.