As you say "still".

In Russian, there are 2 variants of spelling the word "as before": through a hyphen - "as before" and through a space - "as before." The first option is used if "still" is an adverb, the second is an adjective. In order to write a word correctly, you need to know the context.


Which part of speech

As it is written correctly

He lives as before: works a lot and rests little

How does he live? Still



wants to move

To what address? Still



Remember how to spell “still ", easily. It is enough to learn the rules.

The adverb “as before”

Adverbs that are formed from adjectives and end in -th and -mu, -ski and -tski, -i, are written with a prefix after a hyphen.




To live in the old way, to play in a new way


Dress like summer, still be friends


Speak French, warn in a friendly way


Sing in German, dance in Turkish


Swim like a dog, howl like a wolf

Such adverbs often sound the same as adjectives, but differ in spelling. Part of speech can be determined by knowing the phrase or the entire sentence. For example:

We decided to play in a new way. He will learn from the new textbook. They still live. He went the same way.

When deciding how to spell the word “still”, the first thing to consider is context.

Adjective “as before”

If “on” is a preposition, and “former” is an adjective, then they are written separately. In this case, the adjective and preposition refer to the noun. To check, you need to ask a question from a noun to an adjective.

For example:They will follow the same path.Which way? As before.

In addition, an adjective, as opposed to an adverb, can be removed from a sentence.

For example:They will follow the path.

A sentence with an adjective

A sentence without an adjective

An adverbial sentence

I will learn from a new textbook

I will study from the textbook

I will study in a new way

I live as before schedule

I live according to schedule

I still live

It is not difficult to remember these rules. It takes a little attention and patience for the spelling of these words to come to automatism. Look at the context, ask the right questions, and you will still write well.