PMKVY Scheme

PMKVY: Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015 launched the Skill India Campaign with an aim to train over 40 million people in the country by the year 2022. This campaign has various projects under it which include National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015. As different investors and Industries from all over the world are invited by the honorable Prime Minister to set up business in India along with that, he also wants the youth to develop their skills. The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) was thus foreseen as a key measure to impart skills-based training to young men and women. So that they are capable of earning for themselves and support the country become poverty free. The scheme becomes all the more important in India as it has the world’s largest youth population that requires employable skills.

PMKVY Scheme

The government has given a total outlay of 1,500 Crores To formulate and implement the PMKVY. The program is to impart skills to the 24 lakh youth in the country focusing mainly on the school dropouts and the poverty ridden areas. The scheme was launched in all the states of India in early July 2015.15 July 2015 was also observed as National Skills Day. The unemployment rate in India has gone down in a huge level by 2014. This scheme is being aimed to completely irradiate the unemployment issue.

National Skill Development Council has been given the charge of proper implementation of the scheme. According to the plan, the skills that the youth will be trained will be decided based on the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and also based on the opinion of the industries that would heir those skilled trainees. The Central and the Sates governments were also consulted for various inputs. This scheme also led to the development of other schemes like Digital India Scheme.

The government made sure that the enrolment process for the scheme is kept simple. Firstly proper advisement was made about the scheme throughout the country by making a partnership with telecom companies. The government sent out mass SMS about the scheme and provided the eligible candidate a toll-free number to call on (1800 102 6000). The candidates were supposed to give a missed call on the number, and they were directed to an IVR through an automated callback. There the candidate was asked to give to their necessary details. These details are stored and screened later. The eligible candidates were provided with the details of the nearest training centers and the dates which they should report.

The scheme was first launched in Bihar, and the youth from the northeastern part of India has been planned to give major focus. From 1 July 2015, about 1, 17,564 people from all over the country have already enrolled for skills training. Training has been instigated for some 1,07,080 trainees already. As the scheme’s implementation is being undertaken by NSDC’s training partners. The National Skill Development Corporation has come up with a list of 187 l training partners with 2300 training centers spread out in almost all the states of India. While the scheme is on experimental trail state in selective states and regions, a nation-wide launch is expected by mid-July. Out of the 1500 crores that were outlaid for the scheme INR 1120 is likely to be allocated for the training of the youth, 220 crores will be spent on the “recognition of prior learning”. And the rest INR 67 crores were spent on creating awareness and advertising about the scheme.

Along with the training, the candidates will have to go through an assessment at the end of the training period. A third party assessment body would evaluate the candidates and based on the skills acquired the candidates with will be rewarded with the financial support of INR 8000, and a certificate of merit is issued.

Not only in the development of the candidates, but this scheme has also looked into the fact that proper training institutes are setup. Digital training facilities and skilled instructors are highly valued by NSDC for the training sessions. The institutes that have been made partners were properly studied upon before the commencement of the scheme. The training curriculum which is followed is highly efficient and relevant. The state government and sector skill council continuously keep a check on the training sessions and the training institutes. They are highly monitored. A process of taking feedback from the candidates about the Institute and the session on a regular basis has also helped to make the scheme work very efficiently.

The latest updates of the event are as follows: On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Scheme, the Union Cabinet again outlaid an amount of 12000 crores to carry forward the scheme for next four years. According to government records, 18 lakh candidates have been enrolled to the scheme, and around 17 lakhs have successfully acquired the skills by July 2016. The National Skill Development Corporation is aiming to set up 50 International Training Centres all over the country. These centers will increase job opportunities for health care workers, retails, security, tourism, and many more sectors.

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