job guarantee scheme

MGNREGA /NREGA Scheme- 100 Days Job Guarantee Scheme

MGNREGA or Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme is was introduced to increase job guarantee in the rural sectors. MGNREGA offers an employment tenure of at least 100 days to all the unemployed citizens of rural India who are adults (18 years and above). The objective is to provide non-skilled work to such citizens each financial year at a stipulated minimum pay as defined by the government. Implementation of MGNREGA ensures that the purchasing power of the rural India improves. Another excellent step taken by the government under MGNREGA is that about one-third of the unskilled laborers from rural areas are women. When MGNREGA was first introduced in 2005, it was known as the Nationwide Non-Urban Career Assurance Act. Later it came to be known by its present name in 2009. More about MGNREGA is given below.

job guarantee scheme

MGNREGA Details:

Full Form of MGNREGA

Also known as NREGA

Started in the year 2005

Later renamed as MGNERGA in 2009

MGNREGA or NREGA: Are they both same?

NREGA or MGNREGA are same schemes with different names. The scheme was launched in the year 2005, by the name NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). Later in 2009, the scheme was renamed as MGNREGA.

Some people say that the name of Mahatma Gandhi is not there on the official website. This is because Mahatma Gandhi’s name was later added in 2009 by INC. Initially, when it was launched, it was known as NREGA scheme. This is the reason the official website of MGREGA is: and not MGNREGA.

What is a MGNREGA Card?

MGNREGA card is provided to every unemployed family. Instead of allotting every unemployed individually, one MGNREGA card serves the purpose for the entire family. It is basically a job card to track the activities and proceedings of days of work. One thing to note here is that all the family members sharing the same house, applicable under MGNREGA, will share the same card.

MNREGA Card comes with a unique number/code.

For example – WB/19/1/22/48

WB is the state name.

19 is the district code.

1 is the block code

22 is the village code

and 48 is the house number.

This way it becomes easier to track anybody with the unique code. Please note that it has now been linked with Aadhar Card.

Activities of MGNREGA

The benefits of MGNREGA are two-fold. Focus areas of activities are: growth in rural sectors and increasing the career opportunities by introducing jobs that demand unskilled labor.

The growth sector focuses on activities like:

  • Preservation of water
  • Controlling overflow of water by building embankments.
  • Introducing percolation aquariums and building tanks and ponds in possible places using manual labor.
  • Basically, the drought conditions in rural areas will be improved by the introduction of this scheme.

The career opportunities are the work provided to rural citizens after they are approved by their Gram Panchayat.

Funding For MGNREGA: MGNREGA And Union Budget 2017

Union Budget 2017 has extended an amount of 48,000 crore INR towards MGNREGA. The Nationwide Career Assurance Fund goes directly to the accounts of rural zones. This assistance provided by the government are divided into the following funding structure.

  • The salaries of unskilled laborers are extended by the government. Thus the government shoulders the entire price of income provided to adult rural workers.
  • The expenses required to administer MGNREGA like various programs, wage allocation, team building, working ground and facilities provided at the working ground are all borne by the government.
  • In the case where the government cannot fund some part of the wages for rural unskilled labor, there is a provision for providing unemployment relief.
  • The objective is to extend extra money in favor of MGNREGA with the introduction of each budget session.

How To Apply For Jobs Under MGNREGA

MGNREGA operates via issuing Job Cards for unemployed adults who wish to be a part of this scheme and benefit from it. Given here are more details about Job Card and the process of application for MGNREGA:

  • Job Cards are issued by Gram Panchayats to those applying for unskilled labor work.
  • These issued Job Cards are valid for a tenure of 5 years.
  • The Job Cards are issued in the name of a particular household. The details in the Job Card states the members of household eligible to work under MGNREGA.
  • The Job Cards are issued within a fortnight after verification of required documents.
  • On the basis of details provided on the Job Cards, adult individuals can apply for MGNREGA.
  • These applications need to be submitted to the Gram Panchayats who will process it further.
  • The entire cost to issue and provide these job cards are to be borne by the central government.
  • In case an individual loses their Job Card, a new application has to be made to the Gram Panchayat.
  • If an individual requires a change in personal details in regard to the household for which it is issued, the information needs to be conveyed to the Gram Panchayat.

If you have any doubts or queries about MGNREGA, please share it with us. We will do our best to answer you.

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  3. I already apply for a mnrega job card in our gram panchyeat in 2015 August but still now our panchyeat don’t give me a job card

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